What do you get with a Pukka Bell Tent?

Well, you get the heavyweight 540gsm Zipped-In groundsheet. You get a canvas fly that’s a substantial 360gsm Camel coloured canvas. The canvas is 100% cotton, treated for resistance to water, mould and UV.

The canvas and groundsheet are joined together by two strong YKK zips. In fact all of our zips are top quality YKK, so you don’t need to worry about the zipper tags breaking off. Zips are double-tagged and reversible where needed and are definitely the right size of zip for the job – making the time that you spend camping as stress-free as possible.

There is a 4 inch/10 cm ‘bath tub’ effect, created by the pvc groundsheet edge being folded upwards and zipped to the canvas at 10cm from the ground. This means that you’re relatively sure of no water getting into your tent (and if it does then you should probably not be camping there!)

The lay-flat threshold does what it says, it lays flat so that you don’t trip. And when it is ‘up/closed’ you have access on either side of the entrance for cables etc, as well as protection against water ingress.

The walls are a standard 60cm high. The centre heights of the 4m/5m tents are 2.5m/3m respectively. Their respective entrance heights are 1.6m/1.7m at the top.

All of our storm flaps (the covers that protect the external zips) are a generous 5cm. Plus we have storm flaps covering the half moon window zips too. It’s standard for bell tent windows to have canvas zippable covers. Ours have zippable mesh as standard too! This allows for a lot of extra air flow on warm days, especially if you don’t want the hassle of unzipping and rolling up the tent sides.

You also have the option of installing/using a wood stove in your bell tent without the hassle of having to cut and make the flue exit yourself! All of our bells come with a ready-made flue exit in a side wall panel, complete with roll-up/roll-down canvas cover. We much prefer the idea of having a flue through the side wall as it avoids having a hole in your roof!

Your bell tent comes with an over-sized canvas bag (length-wise zip), wooden sliders, 6mm reflective ropes, Pro guy pegs plus spares and a mallet.

Finally, with our tents comes the gift of you being able to enjoy the outdoors under your own breathable canvas – Wonderful, even if it’s raining!!

Do you REALLY want a 5 metre bell tent?

A 5 metre bell tent provides around 19.5 square metres of floor space – that’s quite a lot for a tent, which is (by the way!) also a ‘temporary, moveable structure’.

Though ultimately the final decision as to which size of tent to buy is yours, you may be helped a little by our sample Qs and As below.

Q  How many of you will be camping in the tent?
– If there are more than four of you, or if you are a couple (or three people) with several dogs, then you should consider a 5 metre bell.
— If you are a couple with two kids, and if you know that you will definitely need/want a fair amount of useable living space, then a 5 metre may be for you.
– Don’t get me wrong – if there are just two of you and if you definitely know that you want to have a large space to lounge around in, especially during the day, then a 5 metre bell tent is great and could be the right choice for you!

Q  How much space do you need?
– With a double mattress behind the centre pole you have around three quarters of the floor space free.
– With two double mattresses behind the centre pole you still have around half of the floor space free for daytime ‘living’ etc.

Q  Do you want/need a lot of outdoor ‘living’ space?
– If you want to use your 5 metre bell tent as a ‘Day Room’ or as a ‘Retreat’ it is perfect! You will have as much space as in a ‘normal’ sized living room – plenty of chill space and a room in which you can Relax!

Q  Can I use a 5 metre tent for a kids’ playroom?
– Of course yes! It is perfect for this – once pitched in the garden, kids can run in and out at will, using the tent as their own private play space (mind you, they can do the same with a 4 metre bell – there’s just a little less space…).

Q  Can I use a 5 metre tent for my own summer hobby room?
– Of course yes! It is perfect for this – once pitched in the garden, you can furnish the tent as you like, and use it (sensibly please, after all it is just a tent) as your own relaxing hobby space.
– Remember to check the ropes and pegs every day. Ensure that the tent is ‘aired’ often. Ensure that the canvas is not left permanently damp and is frequently allowed to totally dry out. Ensure that the tent is re-pitched after every 2-3 weeks.

Q  Do you camp all year round?
– It’s worth noting that if you camp (out of season) in colder weather as well as during the late spring/summer months, a 5 metre can be harder to keep warm than a smaller 4 metre, as the centre pole height is a whopping 3m!
– The canvas on a 5 metre bell will also take longer to dry than a smaller tent (and will be a lot heavier when wet) since there is (obviously) more canvas to deal with.
– If you camp frequently, for example, every other weekend or more, then you may prefer a smaller 4 metre tent since it will be quicker and easier to deal with than the heavier 5 metre option.

Q  Can you stand up in a 5 metre bell tent?
– OHHH Yes You CAN! In fact the interior of a 5m bell is surprisingly HUGE before you get your furnishings in!
See video of a Pukka 5m bell tent interior here (there’s also a 4m video):

If you have any further questions about our tents please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.